The conventional definition and main purpose of an economic welfare system is to assist citizens who are not able to support themselves or their families. It was never intended to be a lifelong crutch or an enabler to alcohol and drug addiction. The authors of social welfare never intended for hordes of legal and illegal immigrants to drop millions of anchor babies at taxpayers’ expense. Anchor babies who are now blocking roads, waving foreign flags, singing foreign anthems, stomping on constitutional rights none had to bleed to achieve. The current welfare system in America is divisive and destructive breeding generational poverty, dependence, despair, ignorance and inmates. Billions of dollars in rampant, nationwide food stamps and welfare fraud adds to social, moral and economic bankruptcy.

A destructive system embraced by the party of slavery selling the false gospel of Hope and Change, Yes We Can and Yes We Did.

TA (Temporary Assistance)

We at THE REPUBLICAN NETWORK believe in radical welfare reform. We believe that change in any society starts when we empower human’s beings to be self-sufficient, creative and productive. The TRUE purpose of social welfare must be to get citizens back on their feet, working and contributing to society. Generational welfare must be replaced with what we call “TA” (Temporary Assistance). REAL assistance with food, housing and employment with the explicit goal of ending poverty, dependence and creating productive citizens. The ridiculous and destructive concept of welfare checks must become a thing of the past. Citizens sitting around waiting for the mailman to deliver dependence is an insult to our forefathers and basic human dignity. The concept is based on how much you put into the system. You can’t withdraw money from the bank if you don’t deposit money into the bank. The same concept must be applied to social welfare excluding the disabled and elderly. If you work and pay your taxes you get temporary help to get you back on your feet. If you don’t work and pay taxes you receive minimal help. Reversing the long-standing policy that rewards laziness while penalizing hard working taxpayers.


Only citizens and legal immigrants can apply for TA. However, we are not a nation that will turn its back on needy families regardless of their immigration status. TA must provide minimal aid to all who apply with information shared across all government agencies including ICE. Because neither citizens nor undocumented can get long term assistance, TA will effectively end the anchor baby madness. The African American community did not endure 250 years of slavery, 100 years of Jim Crow, brutal civil rights struggles so that undocumented can hijack the 14th amendment. Life is precious and no human being should be born for a check or legal status. TA doesn’t discriminate. You can be young, old, undocumented, single, married, rich, poor, convicted and drug addicted. Assistance is temporary and based on how much taxes you paid into the system.


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Projects (Low income housing)

Obviously, TA is not an overnight policy. Generations of welfare dependent minds can only be changed with time and effective policies. The goal of TA and responsible social welfare is to eliminate, racist, low income housing projects that produce despair, lawlessness and racial division. Our forefathers did not endure the horrors of slavery, brutal civil rights struggle so that we live across train tracks, consumed by government dependence, drug and alcohol addiction. The republican network’s goal is to bulldoze low income housing projects and replace them with single family homes or high rise condos. Establish home ownership plans, low interest loans which will revolutionize and revitalize crime ridden neighborhoods.

UNITED WE STAND. No to liberal lunacy and social anarchy.